expureLED disinfectant machine

Wipe Out Viruses and Bacteria in Seconds!

Simple, safe and swift disinfection in 90 seconds!

What is it?

ExpureLED Disinfection Station is a UVC LED light box scientifically engineered to blast items placed inside and kill pathogens. From N95 face masks to cell phones – virtually anything that fits just place object to be disinfected on the fused quartz shelf, close the door, and fire up the 24 UVC LEDs! ExpureLED does not contain mercury or any other harmful or hazardous materials and is fully RoHS compliant.

Proven Team

Venture Engineering is a designer of electronic and lighting components for a variety of applications and are the engineers behind ExpureLED

METCAM, Inc., a “Georgia Manufacturer of the Year,” is fabricating and assembling the device and will manage all logistics

Researchers, physicians, and individuals with Georgia Tech, Georgia Tech Research Institute, Global Center for Medical Innovation and other area industry professionals have contributed to this design.

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