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What is it?

ExpureLED Mask Disinfection Station is a UVC LED box scientifically engineered to blast masks with pathogen-killing waves of light. Simply hang your N95 or hospital surgical mask to be disinfected on the top-mounted hook, close the door and fire up the 24 supercharged UVC LEDs! Recent study performed by top-ranked Georgia Tech Research Institute found ExpureLED to be 99.9% effective at knocking out the tested pathogens. Fully RoHS compliant, ExpureLED does not contain mercury or any other harmful or hazardous materials.


  • Simple, one-button operation, no training required
  • Effectively wipes out viruses and bacteria in 60 seconds
  • Can be used in any healthcare facility: hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, urgent care clinics, doctor’s offices and nursing homes
  • Compact enough to complement and efficiently integrate with any healthcare work setup
  • Industry-leading power from 24 LEDs combined with our specialized, highly reflective lining, maximizes reflective killing power of UVC rays
  • Safely utilizes more UVC LED lights than competing products and does not contain hazardous materials that might be found in germicidal fluorescent tubes (RoHS compliant)

GTRI Study:

Objective: To determine the antimicrobial efficacy of LED-based UV light on various PPE materials including facemasks.

Test Factors:

  • Material
  • Challenge organism
  • Treatment exposure

I. Facemask material
A. Certified N95 mask
B. Disposable surgical masks

Challenge organism (4 bacterial strains)
A. 2-gram positive bacterial species
i. SA: Staphylococcus aureus subsp. aureus
Rosenbach (ATCC® 6538™)
ii. BA: Bacillus atrophaeus (ATCC® 9372™))

B. 2-gram negative bacterial species
i. EC: Escherichia coli (ATCC 25922™)
ii. PA: Pseudomonas aeruginosa (ATCC®

III. Treatment exposure

  • 60 seconds = one cycle (actually 66 seconds exposure)
  • 120 seconds = two cycles (actually 132 sec exposure)
  • 180 seconds = three cycles (actually 198 sec exposure)


  1. Plug into AC power.
  2. Open door
  3. Insert object to be disinfected.
  4. Close door and latch. Red LED should light.
  5. Depress Start Switch. All 24 green LEDs should light. When green LEDs extinguish, remove treated object.

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