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What is it?

ExpureLED Disinfection Station is a UVC LED light box scientifically engineered to blast items placed inside and kill both bacteria and viruses. From N95 face masks to cell phones – virtually anything that fits – just place object to be disin-fected on the fused quartz shelf, close the door, and fire up the 24 UVC LEDs! ExpureLED does not contain mercury or any other harmful or hazardous materials and is fully RoHS compliant.


  • Can be used in many locations, including hospitals, schools, doctors offices, dentist offices, grocery stores, airports, mass transit stations, manufacturing facilities. . . literally anywhere masks and other PPE are worn
  • Compact enough to fit anywhere, breakrooms, workstations, lobbies, and more
  • Safely utilizes more UVC LED lights than competing products and does not contain hazardous materials that might be found in germicidal fluorescent tubes (RoHS compliant)
  • Effectively wipes out viruses and bacteria in 90 seconds
  • Fused quartz shelf enables, 360-degree disinfecting of any item placed inside
  • Simple, one-button operation, no training required.
  • Recently tested at a major research university and found to significantly reduce pathogens on hard surfaces and high-tech, multi-layer, N95 masks


  1. This device provides UVC radiation dose considered to be effective in reducing various bacteriophages at a minimum log 6 viral reduction using the calculations in Chun-Chieh Tseng & Chih-Shan Li (2007) Inactivation of Viruses on Surfaces by Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation, Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene, 4:6, 400-405, DOI: 10.1080/15459620701329012
  2. This device has not been cleared by the FDA. However, at this time, no known devices have been cleared to kill SARS-CoV-2.
  3. The dosage, as cited by the above reference is intended to provide a minimum log 6 viral reduction.
  4. Notifications:
    1. UVC disinfection will reduce the number of pathogens but will not reduce them completely.
    2. Fused quartz shelf along with LEDs with multiple orientations enables 360-degree disinfecting of any item placed inside. Soiled items should be discarded.
    3. This device has been evaluated to provide the required UVC dosage for items placed on the internal shelf with time controlled by the internal factory adjusted timer.
    4. This device is constructed with an internal safety switch that prevents UV light from being emitted unless the door is closed and locked. This device is powered by an external UL listed power supply. The internal operating voltage is 49 VDC or les and is considered low voltage by the National Electric Code (2005).
    5. This device is intended for an operation life of 3000 hours but should be periodically tested using a UVC intensity meter. The UVC LEDs can be field replaced by factory trained technicians.
    6. This device incorporates 4 green LEDs to indicate valid operation. If any of the 4 green LEDs are not lit during operation, the unit requires service.
    7. Items to be disinfected should be placed on the internal shelf. As UVC is a form of light, the items should be placed as wrinkle-free as possible to avoid any shadowing. The door is then closed and the start switch briefly depressed. Operation is automatic and the items can be removed after 90 seconds and after the green LEDs extinguish.
    8. This device provides a dose of 60mJ/cm^2 minimum using a wavelength of 275nm.
  1. Neither the designer nor manufacturer will be held liable in any legal theory for damages or injury caused by this device. No claims or representations are made with respect to the product or its performance.


  • Plug into AC power.
  • Open door
  • Insert object to be disinfected.
  • Close door and latch. Red LED should light.
  • Depress Start Switch. All 4 green LEDs should light.
  • When green LEDs extinguish, remove treated object.